Intern Spotlight: Susie Albright

Meet Susie Albright, a fourth-year student from Alpharetta, Georgia, who is interning in the Advertising and Public Relations department this year. Susie is an Advertising major with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. She is also a Double Dawg, pursuing a Master’s degree in Integrated Advertising and Public Relations. She is described by friends as witty, easy-going, and spontaneous. Her spontaneity is shown as Susie explains how she is hoping to move to New York and work for an international agency and eventually go abroad to London to pursue her love for fashion and advertising post-graduation. 

“My dream is to move to New York and work for an international agency there. I’ve always wanted to live in NYC, after a few years there, I would love to move to London for a few years!”

Susie has a strong work ethic as she is in the Double Dawgs program, and is heavily  involved on campus with various organizations like AdClub, PRSSA, SWAB, as well as Greek life.

This past summer, she had the opportunity to get involved in Summer at the Circus, which is a creative marketing program in Atlanta Georgia. This program is a specialized course that emphasizes the creative aspect of advertising from one of the top portfolio schools in the country. Summer at the Circus allowed Susie to build her portfolio in a creative boot camp setting while taking eight courses which has opened her up to new opportunities, as well as skill sets that will benefit her professional development.

As Susie enters her fourth year here at UGA, she has had some time to not only appreciate the University and all it has to offer, but she has also had three years of getting to experience Athens. Susie loves trying new restaurants downtown and her two favorites are Sr.Sol and Clocked. She also explained that her favorite activity in Athens is going to the roller skating rink. She admitted it wasn’t a top talent of hers, but it is definitely something fun she gets to enjoy doing with friends!

As senior year begins to unfold, Susie told me her most memorable moment from college so far was either watching the Dawgs beat Notre Dame two years ago, or getting to meet Uga her sophomore year. Although senior year can be bittersweet, Susie is optimistic about this year.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people and networking and just enjoying every minute I have left!”

Enjoying things for the last time like taking new classes or attending football games with friends, is what Susie is most excited for, for her final year at UGA!