Graduate Programs


The Department of Advertising and Public Relations offers the MA degree, which is administered by the Grady Office of Graduate Studies in cooperation with the College’s other two units, the Department of Journalism and the Department of Entertainment & Media Studies.

Students may choose to complete a thesis as part of their Master’s program if they are interested in pursuing further graduate study, or they can pursue a non-thesis program which requires additional course work and the successful defense of a comprehensive exam.

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Double Dawgs

Grady College is pleased to offer several programs for students to earn their master’s degree right after their undergraduate degree. The advantages are great; in many cases, students can complete two degrees in five years, saving time and money. Most importantly, it makes these students more marketable to future employers once they graduate.

Double Dawg Programs Offered

  • M.A. in Emerging Media
  • M.A. in Journalism
  • M.A. in Health and Medical Journalism
  • M.A. in ADPR – Integrated
  • M.A. in Advertising
  • M.A. in Public Relations

“Adding an extra year to my education with the Integrated ADPR program has helped me understand the other side of the industry that I didn’t learn in undergrad and has given me a competitive edge that has made me more marketable in networking and interviews. I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn more about the industry and how PR and advertising complement each other! I feel that it has helped me narrow down exactly what I want to do out of college.”

– Allie Bunting, Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations 2020, M.A. in Integrated Communication 2021