Intern Spotlight: Katherine Sultzer


Katherine is starting her fourth year here at UGA, pursuing a degree in Advertising and a minor in Communication Studies. She is originally from Rockville Centre, New York, but wanted to step out of her comfort zone and try something different than what she is used to for college. She immediately fell in love with what UGA had to offer when she visited, and knew that it was the place she wanted to spend her college years.

Why Advertising?

In high school, Katherine had the chance to take a few business courses that introduced her to possible career options and while she liked what she learned, she was not completely sure about how well her skills and interests would translate to a more corporate-structured career. Katherine has always been creative and really enjoyed things like writing and graphic design, and wanted to consider these things when choosing her path. She discovered her interest in marketing and branding early on in her college courses, and deducted that advertising was the major that would be the ideal blend of her interests.

“I felt that advertising was the perfect balance of business and creativity”

Campus and Community Involvement

A few classes that Katherine enjoyed as part of her major are graphic design and brand storytelling. These classes were focused on aspects of advertising that Katherine really enjoys, and getting to develop her graphic design and branding skills was something that not only benefitted her professional development, but something she liked to spend time on!

Outside of her classes, Katherine has been involved in a variety of clubs and teams during her time at UGA. During her freshman year she was on the Red Hotz dance team, which she really enjoyed but ultimately wanted to have more time to explore other interests. She has also been a part of Miracle, SWAB, and AdClub, and has participated in Greek Grind with her sorority, Sigma Kappa.

One of Katherine’s favorite things about Athens is the food scene. She loves trying out local restaurants and shops in Athens with her friends and some of her favorite local spots are Farm Cart and Last Resort. She also enjoys shopping downtown in boutiques like Cheeky Peach and Fringe.

Looking Forward

As she begins her final year at UGA, Katherine has set out some goals to make her senior year special. She wants to try as many new things as she can, and spend time with all of her friends before they all go on their own post-grad journeys. She also wants to prioritize positivity in her life, and look for silver linings because she knows that she will miss UGA when she is gone, so seeing the good is a way for her to appreciate the time she has here, and will help her to look back with good memories.

“I’m trying to focus on the positive because I know that two years from now I’m going to be missing UGA so much.”

Katherine is not entirely sure what specific career she envisions for herself after graduation, but she hopes to work for a creative agency that incorporates travel or lifestyle trends. She loves traveling, and would be grateful for a job that would allow her to move around a lot and see new places. Ideally she will move to either New York City or Boston, and take on her career in a big city.

All in all, Katherine has worked hard to learn and grow her interests during her time at UGA, and has truly invested herself in her studies and future career in advertising. She is excited to tackle this year with just as much energy and passion, and is looking forward to being an AdPR intern and giving back to the program that has given so much to her!