Internship Spotlight – Jazmin Carswell

Name: Jazmin Carswell

Year: 4th year/Senior

Degree/ Major: Advertising + Communication Studies

Hometown: Macon, GA

What encouraged you to apply to Grady College?

The CREATIVITY! Much like a ton of other students, I was deciding between Marketing and Advertising when I first came to college. After attending some events held by the college and getting more involved in organizations, I began to see how Grady really does an awesome job at creating an inclusive environment conducive to the personal and professional growth of those that want to go into mass communications.

What activities are you involved in at Grady/ UGA?

At Grady, I am currently a Grady ambassador! I am also a part of the Student Alumni Council, which is the governing body of the the Student Alumni Association.

What kinds of internships or work were you involved in last summer, and what were your responsibilities?

Last summer, I was a Marketing Strategist intern for eBay in San Jose, California! I had a pretty important job as an intern. I was in charge of finding and developing the insights that would be used to inform the Holiday marketing brief, which is one of the most important times of the year for an e-Commerce marketplace. 

What was a memorable experience from your summer internship?

Going to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk with the other interns! Our company allowed us to play unlimited games in the arcade, ride unlimited rides, gave us time to spend on the beach, and gave us some awesome food and dessert. It was super cool to see how committed the company was to fostering community among the interns and showing us more of California.

What part of your Grady experience (classes, professors, etc.) has been helpful in your internship or work experiences?

The entire Grady experience contributed to my success in my internship. Classes like Brand Storytelling and Media Strategy and Planning played a huge part in my work, as a lot of the concepts we learned could be applied to the research I was doing. Being a Grady Ambassador taught me how to really engage with like-minded peers, and professors (**cough, cough** Dr. Karen King **cough, cough*) are always there to give advice and guide you when you need it.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering pursuing an AdPR major?

If you want to be pushed to step out of your comfort zone, do AdPR!. It sounds cliche, but AdPR is a dynamic industry. It’s so different today than it was ten years ago, and it will continue to grow and change every day. It’s important that you do the same! I challenge you to consider that internship in a place you’ve never been. Talk to that professor that’s done work in a field you want to be in. Research industries that you’ve never considered. The AdPR major is tons of fun, and it’ll really shape your college experience for the better.

What are your future goals and interests?

After graduation, I plan to move to either LA or New York and pursue marketing for a major brand! One day, I hope to be a CMO 🙂 


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