Senior Spotlight – Kayla Nichols

We will be kicking off our spring semester with one of our amazing seniors, Kayla Nichols! Continue to read to learn more about Kayla’s experience as a Grady Public Relations student.


Fayetteville, Georgia

Major/ Minors:

Master’s in advertising and public relations

Bachelor’s in public relations 

Communication studies minor

New media certificate

Campus involvement:

I have been involved with PRSSA for the past four years and I currently serve on executive board. For the past two years, I have been fortunate to work under Missy Hill and Dr. Reber and have received a firsthand look at what goes into maintaining a successful department. For my last semester here at UGA, I am working as a graduate assistant in the Cox International Center to help research how digital communication can improve civic engagement in local governments.

What are your career goals?

My career goal is to one day be the head of a public relations or marketing department. My first step in reaching that goal is graduating with my master’s and locking down a job that will build upon my leadership and public relations skills. I will move to NYC sometime between May and August and I am looking forward to kickstarting my career with a company that will harness my strengths and allow me to grow as a professional. Many ADPR alumni have given me amazing advice and I am looking forward to applying it to my job hunt. 

What advice do you have for students who have the same career goals as you?

My advice is to build relationships with people. Attending the University of Georgia and being involved with Grady is a great way to start. Since freshman year, I have been building professional relationships with my peers, professors and University of Georgia alumni. This has helped me land pretty much all of my experiences. People want to help you as long as you are willing to put in the work and be receptive toward constructive criticism. 

Why did you choose to pursue your Master’s degree? 

It has been a goal for myself for a long time to achieve my master’s degree. I discovered the 4 +1 program my sophomore year after getting accepted into Grady and I have been interested ever since. The program has deeply prepared me for the next step. To be a successful communications professional, you need to understand various forms of mass communication. The program has enhanced my public relations skills while teaching me new skills and concepts in the world of advertising. The field of communications is rapidly integrating, and it can be tough to know when one field stops, and another begins. By having a well-rounded yet focused education in several aspects of communication, I feel prepared to take on whatever comes down the road. 

What will you miss most about being a Grady student?

I will miss the positive and constructive environment that has challenged me yet also helped me understand my strengths and my purpose. The professors and staff of Grady truly want students to succeed and they have opened up many opportunities for me. I will also miss my peers who I’ve grown to know over the past four years. They have helped to challenge me and to think of this field in different ways. I am thankful that they will always be a part of my professional network. 

Congrats Kayla on all of your hard work, we will be cheering you in all you do!


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