Senior Spotlight – Kellie Stofko

Senior Spotlight

The UGA AdPR Department is proud to feature some of our amazing Spring 2019 AdPR Graduates

Meet Kellie Stofko –

Name: Kellie Stofko

Hometown:Alpharetta, Georgia

Major / Minor:Public Relations with a minor in Communication Studies

What career field are you looking into after graduation? What cities are you looking to move to and why?

I’m currently looking for a career in either public relations, advertising or marketing. I would love to be a communications coordinator for either an advertising or a public relations agency. I’m also interested in being a social media marketing coordinator. I’m hoping to find a job in Atlanta because there are so many great agencies based in Atlanta. It’s also a bonus that my family and friends will be nearby. 

What advice do you have for students coming into the AdPR department?

One thing I would tell students coming into the AdPR department at UGA is that they should never be afraid to ask for help. There are so many great resources and helpful individuals within this department. They can help you accomplish anything. 

What skills did you learn from your AdPR classes that will help you in your career after UGA? Were there specific classes that stood out to you?

The most useful skills that I gained from the classes within the AdPR program were writing, research analysis and graphic design. Public Relations Communications, Graphic Communications and AdPR Campaigns were all classes that will help me in my career after UGA. 

Do have any AdPR professors that really made a difference in your college experience?

Kristen Smith, who taught graphic design, made a huge difference in my college experience. Not only did she improve my graphic design skills, but she also made me a better writer. Kristen genuinely cares for all of her students. I always looked forward to attending her classes and I’m so glad I was able to have her as my professor for Graphic Communications and Advanced Graphic Design. 

What will you miss most about being a student in the AdPR Department?

The AdPR Department within Grady College feels like a tight knit community. I’ll miss seeing all of the friendly faces on a daily basis. I have met so many interesting people through this department that have helped me learn and gain valuable knowledge in both public relations and advertising.

The AdPR Department is proud of seniors like Kellie Stofko. We’re excited to keep up with her achievements after graduation!


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