Student Spotlight- Jackie Prine

Jackie Prine


Major: Advertising

Minor: Studio Art

Hometown: Valdosta, Ga

Campus Involvement:

  • Talking Dog — Art Director 2018, Junior Art Director 2017
  • AdClub– 2017–current, VP of Communication, Digital, and Design 2018
  • American Marketing Association — 2016-2017
  • Pi Beta Phi 2016-current

Name of your position and company you worked with this summer:

Creative Intern at Luckie in Duluth, GA

Where do you see yourself in 10 years / What’s your dream job?

I see myself as an Art Director in an agency in either the Atlanta or Chicago areas solving marketing problems with creative solutions.

What skills did Grady College teach you that you were able to apply to this position this past summer?

Teamwork is a great skill to have at any agency – everything is a group effort. Group projects at Grady helped prepare me for this. My membership with Talking Dog was also a huge contribution. Being able to bring that agency experience into a larger setting was helpful with creative tasks, time management and collaboration.

What advice do you have for students wanting to work or intern at this company or in this kind of position?

My advice to anyone interested in interning at Luckie is you have to be their two basic requirements: smart and nice. If you’re only one of those, you’re not going to make it. Also, don’t be afraid to network and reach out to people.

My advice to anyone interested in the creative area of advertising is that practice makes perfect! The more you concept and create, the better the final product will be. Even tiny edits – moving something a few pixels, for example, are important to the overall task and will improve you as a designer. And also, get involved! Grady extracurriculars helped me so much, and there are a ton of other resources at UGA too. You won’t know what you really want to do until you get your feet wet. Sophomore year I applied for an advertising sales position at The Red & Black, and they saw me as a better fit working in graphic design. A year’s worth of experience there helped me learn so much and helped prepare me for my internship. You never know until you try!

What Grady classes best prepared you for your position this summer, and how so?

I think the class that best prepared me was ADPR 3110 Brand Storytelling. That was a super eye-opening class as to how agencies are run and what role I wanted to take on. My group’s real-world projects and diverse skills led to some really fun deliverables.

What skills did your position this summer teach you that you will apply to your career after UGA?

I learned a ton about the Adobe Creative Cloud through the tasks I was assigned, and also about presentation giving and time management. And this isn’t exactly a skill I learned, but I realized how excited I am for my career path in the fun and collaborative culture of an advertising agency. I am so thankful to Grady for providing me with not only the necessary education but also great extracurriculars to help me learn and get involved.

The AdPR Department is proud of students like Jackie who represent Grady well. Keep up the good work!


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