Tad White – Student Spotlight

Tad White is a senior at UGA currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with a minor in Communication Studies. Tad is described by friends as a hard-working, extroverted, and caring guy, which is evident in his extensive involvement in various organizations across campus. He acts as the Director of Recruitment and Social Events for the UGA Mock Trial Program, meanwhile also finding the time to serve as the Public Relations director for the UGA Accidentals A Capella group. Needless to say, Tad has a knack for leadership, especially as it relates to advertising and public relations.

Tad brings his big personality and strong work ethic inside the classroom as well. He is exactly the kind of person any student would want to have a class with due to his bubbly nature. He explained that it was particularly difficult for him to adapt to life at UGA with COVID-19 because he has always enjoyed the social aspect of learning. However, with great determination, Tad refused to let this interfere with his last year at school stating, “I just had to bring that social element to online classes too. I started turning my camera on and engaging with the teacher when possible in hopes that it would inspire others to do the same. And while I miss many of my friends who I can’t see due to COVID, I’ve come to appreciate the power of phone calls a lot more!”

Of the four main qualities that make up an AdPR student, Tad best exemplifies adaptability. As he puts it, “I always thought change was exciting!” He has proven time and time again just how adaptable he can be while at UGA, even within his first few months after transferring in. Though applying for the Advertising major at Grady was not what Tad initially had planned, after a much needed discussion with his advisor, to which he is still extremely grateful for to this day, he came to realize it was the perfect path for him. Along the way Tad applied, and was later accepted, to the Cannes Lions Study Abroad Program, which he now accredits as his best experience through Grady. There are many reasons as to why he holds the program with such high regard:

“This study abroad gave me the opportunity and agency to travel where I wanted and explore new regions, while also gaining invaluable career experience and advice from seasoned professionals at an incredible week long festival celebrating creativity in the advertising field.”

While Grady has certainly left a mark on Tad’s life, he in turn has also left quite an impression on the college. We look forward to seeing what the future unfolds for him.


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