Ashlee Bock – Student Spotlight

Ashlee Bock is a fourth-year student at UGA currently earning her degree in advertising with a minor in fashion merchandising. She is a great example of what constitutes an AdPR student at UGA. Our students are accomplished, driven, purposeful, and resourceful. In Ashlee’s case, her work ethic speaks volumes about the drive she has. She, just like many of us, was impacted by COVID-19 in that her study abroad trip to Cannes, France was cancelled. This setback, nor the challenges of living with a high-risk individual, could not stop her and her determination to continue to learn and grow. She is inspired by advertising because of the expansive opportunities involved and the endless list of people that she has already met and many that she will meet in the future. In her words, “Advertising makes you think of the world differently,  a world brimming with inspiration, opportunity, and color.  Advertising makes people think outside the box, and I want to be a part of that.”

Prior to beginning college, Ashlee mainly had experience in food and service industries, but she was eager to learn more about the advertising field. She wasted no time in pursuing her passion and gaining relevant experience, particularly in social media branding. She served as VP of Marketing for Alpha Phi and oversaw the chapter’s merchandise, alumni and parent relationships, and, most importantly, all social media platforms. Over the summer, Ashlee earned her first Internship with Clay Luxury, a clothing store in Phipps Plaza, as a Social Media Marketer and Ad Designer. Her employers were so impressed with her work that was offered a remote position and now continues to fully run their Social Media page. Most recently, she has started working with a non-profit social media agency based in Atlanta. 

Beyond her many accomplishments as an intern and full-time student, Ashlee also finds the time to work 20 hours weekly in a managerial role at Jittery Joes and do freelance artwork. Though it may get difficult at times to find balance in her life, Ashlee is able to find breaks throughout the day that help keep her on track. She also genuinely enjoys the work that she does:

“My biggest advice is to find something you love doing and find a job that allows you to follow that passion, because it won’t feel like something you have to do, but, instead, something you get to do.” 

The AdPR department, as a whole, is fortunate to be able to work with such a talented, hard-working individual like Ashlee Bock.


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