AdPR Student Spotlight: Claire Jordan

Senior public relations major Claire Jordan

Claire Jordan is a senior from Canton, Georgia. She is a public relations major with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in new media. Claire works as a public relations student assistant for the School of Social Work and is on the media lead team with Wesley. She also works part time as a program staff instructor at an Adult Autism Home Program.

Who has been an impactful teacher during your time within Grady College?

Shout out to the New Media Institute – it is a tie between John Weatherford and Megan Ward. Weatherford was my first teacher in the NMI and has taught me so much about coding, communication and more. Megan has taught me about credit scores, TED talks and everything in between. Both of these professors genuinely care for students and strive to teach beyond the classroom.

What is your dream job after graduation?

I would love to work in the communications department of a nonprofit where I could incorporate photo, video and digital skills into my job. A few organizations I am considering are City to City, The WinShape Foundation and A21.

What are your goals for your career after UGA?

In my career, I hope to work for excellence in everything, maintain a fun, creative spirit and serve those around me.

What has been your most memorable moment during your time as a student within Grady College?

In my Public Relations Campaigns class, my group decided that our target audience for our project is student athletes. We gave our final presentation the week before the SEC championship. As a fun way to engage our client, we all matched in UGA jerseys and spirit wear. I personally think we rocked the presentation and had a lot of fun doing it. Go Dawgs!

Describe valuable lessons or skills that Grady College has helped develop for you.

I am most thankful for how my writing skills have improved, but I have been able to develop many more skills during my time at Grady College. I have gained skills in photo, video, graphic design, web design, coding and more.

Do you have any fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share?

Over the course of my childhood, my family owned more than 20 chickens.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope to have seen more of the world and be in a job that I love with a creative team that I love.





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