Grady’s SEE Suite Internship Program

SEE Suite’s Fall 2017 Interns

In case you aren’t familiar, let us introduce you to the See Suite Internship Program. Grady’s ADPR department has a special learning laboratory called the SEE Suite or Social Media Engagement and Evaluation Suite. This learning lab has been up and running in the glass enclosed room on the first floor of Grady College for the past couple of years. Last year, Itai Himelboim, director of the See Suite added an internship program that provides students an opportunity to take their learning to the next level.

The SEE Suite combines industry technology and high-end media labs that allow UGA students to examine social data, analyze engagement, and identify insights for various companies in need of help with online engagement and social awareness. The SEE Suite is considered a cutting-edge research program with an emphasis on social media monitoring.

Within the department, there are internships for UGA graduate and undergraduate students. As a SEE Suite intern, students are given the opportunity to gain more hands-on experience with social media analytics and can prepare for the real world by learning how to perform excellent analysis of large social media data and propose actionable insights and communication strategies for a variety of clients. Interns work with partnered clients and UGA faculty on different projects and research throughout the semester.

Senior Victoria Zicari, a current SEE Suite intern majoring in public relations, has been analyzing the conversation on social media surrounding a local frozen treat company. “I’m in the process of creating a report to not only show off the SEE Suite’s services, but to provide our client with actionable insights to attract more engagement on its social media accounts,” said Zicari. “I’ve been discovering a lot of interesting conversation trends so far and I can’t wait to see what else I uncover!”

Zoie Hashim, Julia Dell’Orso and Andrea Putnam intern in SEE Suite as well.

Students must have completed the social media analytics course prior to application.



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