AdPR’s Executive Advisory Council Spring meeting generates updates and ideas

Members of AdPR’s Executive Advisory Council gather for the spring meeting on April 20-21.

AdPR’s Executive Advisory Council met in April for a two-day session that brought exciting new ideas and professional perspectives to the department and its programs.

In an opening event faculty, students and Council members celebrated at Hotel Indigo’s Rialto Club for a reception and dinner banquet. Keynote speaker, Natalie Godwin (Senior Manager, Global Communications, UPS) gave a presentation, Power of the Consumer, nothing that consumers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the future of the logistics giant, including drone delivery!

Council members also spoke in classes and gained insight from our student presentations including PHD Creative Collective, whose research on millennials and Generation Z provided valuable information on targeting this dominant market segment. Talking Dog showcased their advertising and marketing plan for local Athens business Southern Brewing Company.

Members of the PHD Creative Collective team share their insight on millennials and Generation Z.
Talking Dog showcases their new advertising pitch to local business Southern Brewing Company.

Creative Consultants provided a SWOT analysis on local voiceover talent Kelly Buttrick to help her gain momentum and visibility on social media and a student panel spoke about the first AdPR Academy that was held March 6-11. Co-sponsored by Moxie and Erwin Creates, this week-long bootcamp was designed to teach students from diverse backgrounds tangible skills from the advertising and public relations industries.

The Council also saw the latest in social media research from the SEE Suite and toured AdPR’s virtual reality lab. We are looking forward to our next Executive Advisory Council planned for October 12-13, 2017.



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