A glimpse into the UGA AdPR Study Abroad Program in China

Grace Zetlin, UGA student on Grady China Study Abroad Program

The University of Georgia Grady College AdPR Study Abroad Program in China offers students tremendous experience and the chance to gain advanced skills in the fields of advertising and public relations. With the rapid growth within China, students experience first-hand the expansion of major marketing including brand communication, advertising and public relations. While the program provides valuable insights into the advertising and public relations sectors, students also receive a three-hour, upper-level course credit. Over the course of the three-week program, students visit historic sights, gain valuable business knowledge and obtain course credit.

In order to gain insight into this program, AdPR interviewed Grady student, Grace Zeitlin, who experienced this study abroad program in China.

AdPR Department: Why did you choose the Grady China program?

Grace Zeitlin: I chose this program because it allowed me to experience one of the largest growing advertising markets first hand through meeting top professionals. The small size of the program and one professor was attractive to me because it allowed students to become very close with each other and our professor in a foreign country where it was easy to get culture shock and home sick.

AdPR: What is your favorite memory from the trip?

Zeitlin: My favorite memory was climbing the Great Wall. It was an incredible view and definitely a workout hiking watchtower to watchtower. One of the best parts was when we all tobogganed down from the Wall through the trees and tried not to hit the person in front of us. Some of us even wanted to climb back to the top just to slide back down.

AdPR: What educational experience or insight did you gain during this trip?

Zeitlin: Every agency visit we learned something new, but overall what stood out to me was how the lines between public relations and advertising are starting to blur. We we are also lucky enough to get invaluable advice regarding interviews, resumés, and our future careers.

AdPR: How did Grady College impact your overall experience on this trip?

Zeitlin: Without Grady, I would have never been able to visit China. Dr. Meng and Grady College made my whole experience an amazing learning opportunity I could not experience anywhere else.

AdPR: What advice would you give to students looking to study abroad?

Zeitlin: I would tell those students to put themselves out there and they will not regret it. Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I made in my college career and helped solidify my career path. Studying abroad is an opportunity more students should take while they have the chance in college.

AdPR: Would you sign up for this program again?

Zeitlin: If I could sign up for this program every year, I would in a heart beat. Every day I learned and experienced something new. I made great friends and memories I will have for the rest of my life and wouldn’t trade for anything.


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