Tina Stow of UnitedHealth Group visits students in DC to share her insight and expertise

On July 7, Tina Stow (MA ’03), visited Grady students at Delta Hall to discuss her experiences working in health policy and public affairs for UnitedHealth Group. During their time together, Ms. Stow shared her strategic approach to executing and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns focused on Washington, D.C. policymaker and influencer audiences. “It is so energizing to spend time with these great young people”, said Stow, is also a member of AdPR’s Executive Advisory Council.

Students enrolled in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication are encouraged to participate in Grady @ DC, a domestic field study program which takes Grady students to Washington for nine weeks during the summer. Participants enroll in a directed study as well as an internship, and live in Delta Hall during their time in Washington.

Tina Stow joins students at Delta Hall in Washington, D.C.

The University of Georgia received a grant from the Delta Air Lines Foundation to support UGA in Washington.  In recognition of this gift and partnership, UGA named the residential facility, Delta Hall. President Jere W. Morehead notes, “Delta Air Lines has been a strong corporate partner of the University of Georgia for many years, and this gift demonstrates the leadership role Delta is taking in our ongoing comprehensive campaign to advance the University of Georgia”.

Those interested can find out more information about this program here.



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